Using Beamer and Laptop for Your Presentation

Hi people,

today we had our last real session and talked a lot about technical stuff. For most of us it was interesting to know more about how to use laptop and beamer for presentations because we all know the difficulties. Sometimes it does work and sometimes you have a lot of trouble with it. I want to give a short sum up of what I learned about using beamer and laptop.

1. Turn on beamer first -not always necessary but the safest way, don’t be impatient, beamer need time to turn on and off because of the light-

2. Plug cable in –modern PCs & Macs use DVI ordinary PCs use VGA

3. Start PC

4. Beamer starts searching -modern PCs and Mac will find it with the DVI port, ordinary PCs: Analog RGB

5. Change Screen Settings –you usually have three options, choose one of the following:

5.1 FN+ F? -usually the easiest way and should be tried first, the symbols you can see here: Try the following:

Press this combination once: display on beamer

Press it twice: display on beamer and PC

Press it three times: back to PC only

5.2 Desktop + right mouseclick -click on properties (Eigenschaften) and try to get to display options

5.3 Start + Control Panel (Systemsteuerung) + Design and then try to get to display options

6. Change Beamer Settings

Use beamer remote controll to open menue and change settings if it doesn’t appear the way you want it.

Tip: Keystone: redeems trapeze views which happen to appear if beamer is fixed up higher or lower than projection.

7. Open Power Point Presentation and Start Presenting

Extra tips for using Power Point:

– Save a version of your presentation on a USB stick

– You might want to use slideshare to have your presentation online:

– Press „b“ for black to turn screen black during presentation if you want your listeners pay attention to sth different

– use the presentation view (Referentenansicht) with the extended desktop

– more tips on how to present check out:

Alright, that’s it for now. I want to apologize for any language mistakes in this post. It is not easy to translate these technical things and to write a short instruction.

Talk to you later…


9 thoughts on “Using Beamer and Laptop for Your Presentation

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  3. Thank you very much for this helpful short instruction.

    Enjoy your summer!


  4. The tip about slideshare is gold – I was about to do a presentation and my stick just went dead. Fortunately, I had it hosted on the web, so used that instead.

  5. Most of the schools and universities are actually practicing virtual learning. Your post is really helpful because aside form the presentation, a teacher/ instructor would also need to consider technicalities on having a virtual learning presentation.

  6. Thanks for the instructions. I don’t feel quite confident with Power point. „turn the beamer on first“ – gotta remember this.

  7. Wow, there’s really so much to learn out there and one can get overwhelmed but when you know where to focus, it’s really all worth your time. One thing I notice on beamer is that hyperlinks to the website does not work, movies can’t be played within linux, and it is not possible to place pictures to exact point. Sorry, but all these things powerpoint can. Colleen @ garden design

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