Downes and Siemens


I thought I take some time to check out what other people did so far and I found something interesting. Selma mentioned on her blog that she checked out two other Blogs of experts on E-learning. The first one is Downes and the other one Siemens.

Downes wrote ten things you really need to learn, like How to predict consequences, How to read, How to distinguish truth from fiction, How to empathize, How to be creative, How to communicate clearly, How to Learn, How to stay healthy, How to value yourself, How to live meaningfully which he considers as to be taught in school. Furthermore, he summed up nine rules for good technology like Good technology is always available, Good technology is always on, Good technology is standardized and so on. Check out: for more details.

On Siemens blog I found a link to Tery Andersons book: „The theory and practice of online learning“. There I consider the part of design and development of online courses as interesting for future work.  I might want to check out more on: later.

Selma also mentioned that Siemens developed the learning theory of connectivism which I never heard of. I ve heard of constructivism, behaviorism and cognitivism. Connectivism seems to be close to constructivism. This theory (as I remember it from my paper on webquests) says that every individual „designs“ or „constructs“ its own reality and tries to make new information fit into existing patterns. Learning takes place as soon as these patterns have to be changed. Selma wrote on connectivism: According to this theory (connectivism) is learning a network-building process. New knowledge is constantly combined with existing knowledge and experiences. Learning becomes a process, in which different information sources and networking joints are constantly combined.

I guess I’ll come back to this later…


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